- You know, he said the purpose of fiction was to combat loneliness.
- That’s good, I never heard that.
- On the other hand spending most of your time with an 1100 page book tends to put a dent in your social life.

Liberal Arts (2012)

As someone who is graduating college next week, I found this movie intensely smart, funny, and poignant. It’s about a 35-year-old who starts a romantic fling with a 19-year-old college girl. Similar to Woody Allen’s Manhattan or any Noah Baumbach film, it speaks to the same audience of “over-articulate man-boys”. I feel right in between the man and the girl. I’m not yet an adult, but by the end of next week I won’t be a college student either. It was the perfect film for me to discover right now.

The story has been done many times, but Liberal Arts is too charming to nitpick. Every note struck with me, every character across all generations delivers great monologues and even though they might be on-the-nose I didn’t mind because it was all so sweet and hopeful. This is one of those seminal self-discovery films that every young adult should see. I loved it.